today and then tomorrow

by bark dog

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the endless lovingly empty spirals of my everyday life: i needed to write these songs and they have probably helped me. idk. here they are.


released April 3, 2016

bark dog is gabe jasper: vocals, guitars, bass, piano, keyboards, accordion, ukulele, vibraphone, mandolin, percussion, field recordings, tapes.

production and artwork by gabe jasper as well!

written and recorded at home in newton, August, 2015-March, 2016



all rights reserved


bark dog Newton, Massachusetts

genderqueer person making sounds and songs for u and me

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Track Name: introduction to floating
if i could see planets from my bed
stars hanging up above my head
light will pass me as i go
into the universe unknown

no songs get in my room
left me all too soon to choose
all these ears will disappear
let me float and pass the year
Track Name: the world was pink for u
the world was pink for u and me last night
the world was pink and blue and i took a bite
out of my candy apple that the man gave to me
i put my arm around your shoulder
and squeezed you tight and close to me
so we could be together
even more than we were already

sometimes i wonder if the pills do the trick
is all i swallow really keeping me from falling
down the stairs in both houses that i live in now
when i dont wanna do my homework or dont know how
but how much longer
will it be?

there are faces that i see that haunt me in my dreams
now the skies are falling down all around me
but someday when i die, i'll finally let go of
everyone that i hold close who will suddenly stop existing
and i dont see wanna the day that the world stops spinning
even though i'll be dead
Track Name: the aquatic detective agency
when i was younger, i pretended that the fish in the school in the tank were private detectives and i even made them a website.
Track Name: sleepy boy
i'm a sleepy boy who sleeps all day
my eyes close and the real world fades away
happy i will be in your arms
but it's not real. it's just a dream
if i could stay all day and leave the world
they couldn't take you away from me
Track Name: i need to give your spirit up
i need to give you up from me
your spirit is ringing through my ears
and i am aware of everything you do to my body

five days go by and i wear a smile
but how long will it be before i break down and cry
five days go by and im wondering why
you seem to drive me into this hole (that i dug myself)

five days go by and im still missing you
can i go on all by myself
im beginning to think that i cannot
so can you come back and take me for a walk
Track Name: on the pond
paint the sky with my flashlight
people staying away from here
over the bridge where i can find quiet

and overhead is a vast white ocean
with dreams of you
flowers coming down
so fast now
in the black

and what i lost from all three years
silently fills the air

can i still see you?
can i still feel your hand squeezing mine?
or is there something else?
Track Name: i don't like it here
last fall i asked you to take me away.
drunk and alone on the floor of my basement,
i loved you but now i don't know
i just wanted to know you

sick in my bed
weak tree limbs break from the view in my room
i can't see past maybe three feet ahead
and everything's crumbling to bits

parking lots stop
and cars that go far have to sleep for a while
and i know that this will be gone before the light
but can't we just have this one last time to be gone (for now)

if you will go without saying goodbye
then i'll take my backpack and walk out the door
tape rolls unreeling but wrapping back tight
and this is the end just like everyone before.