them's the tides

by bark dog

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released May 28, 2017

bark dog is gabe jasper: vocals, guitars, drums, bass, ukulele, synthesizer, harmonica, chord organ, samples, field recordings, production, mixing

written & recorded at home in newton, August 2016-May 2017

cover photo taken by natalie tereshchenko



all rights reserved


bark dog Newton, Massachusetts

genderqueer person making sounds and songs for u and me

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Track Name: bad week
i see u
walking in front of me
and im tired
of gleaning all i can glean
its a bad week
o a bad week

i am feeling lost
and i'm eatin' apple sauce
at two in the morning
in my kitchen

i need you to defend
defend me from all our friends
it's starting to get to me
Track Name: i eat too much food
i eat too much food
i know it's not a great thing to do
but it keeps me from feeling blue
(but it keeps me from being in shape, too)

i can be a bit loud sometimes
yeah, i can be a bit loud sometimes
i just have a lot to say
but i guess some of it is dumb anyway

o o o i am only all that i am
and have been and will continue to do
i am only all i can see and be and do for you

i loved you too much
i can't fucking believe my luck
yeah it turned out that you don't give a fuck
which honestly just really fucking sucks
yeah i loved you too much
yeah i loved you too much
Track Name: tape
he saw the faces in the scary book
and he taped up all the traces so he couldn't look
and he was crying at night because the end was close
he was surrounded by strangers talking so verbose

the dividing line, it gets so thin
so fucking hard to just snap out of it
and the mirrors don't work; they're just for show
you can't obtain the words; you just have to know

at the end of the day of the day of the day
he dropped the vase the vase the vase the vase
at the end of the day of the day of the day
he felt the same the same the same the same
Track Name: the death of things
i look out across the sea
the things that used the make me
feel so safe and happy
they all leaked out
from the spout
where my chest should be
now they float among the waves
weathered, worn and aged
singing from their graves
as they fade away
Track Name: fresh n wild
i've spent time
waiting for it

fresh and wild
dozing off for a bit

you're still there
lying down with me

in my dreams
where we're meant to be